viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

¡ Gimp 2.4.4 !.

Nueva version definitiva de Gimp, cada día una mas seria alernativa a tener en cuenta ante el empuje de Photoshop.

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) es un programa de retoque fotográfico que está siendo desarrollado desde hace algún tiempo bajo la licencia GPL, de manera similar a Linux y que como está poniendo en serios aprietos a alternativas de pago seriamente consolidadas.

Desarrollado bajo licencia GPL, es una seria alternativa al hasta ahora todopoderoso Photoshop.

* fixed typo in stock icon name
* fixed handling of PSD files with empty layer names (bug #504149)
* merged TinyScheme bug-fixes
* removed duplicate entry from Tango palette
* corrected parameter range in Chip Away script (bug #506110)
* reduced redraw priority and speed of the marching ants (bug #479875)
* fixed out-of-bounds array access in Convolution Matrix plug-in
* reduced rounding errors in Convolution Matrix plug-in (bug #508114)
* fixed potential crash on missing CMYK color profile
* fixed crash in Bumpmap plug-in when called from some scripts (bug #509608)
* Equalize should not equalise the alpha channel (bug #510210)
* increased the number of points the ImageMap plug-in can handle (bug #511072)
* adjusted the priority of the projection renderer (bug #511214)
* smooth the brush mask to get a simpler cursor boundary (bug #304798)
* show the selection even if the image window is invisible (bug #505758)
* allow to commit a pending rectangular selection using Enter (bug #511599)
* fixed bug in image dirty state logic (bug #509822)
* improved GIMPressionist preformance and reduced startup time (bug #512126)
* fixed a crash in the Convert to Color Profile plug-in (bug #512529)
* merged some other minor fixes from trunk
* translation updates (de, it, lt, ru, sv, uk)

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